Functional Assessment

The Functional Assessment Questionaire (F.A.Q.) is a very detailed systems history. In other words, this is a tool that we use to get an understanding of how the body is working as a whole. Your body is a beautiful ecosystem whereby each system is in balance with all other systems of the body. When one system starts to malfunction, the other systems are negatively affected. On the outside, someone may have certain stomach symptoms and believe they just have a digestive problem without realizing their immune system may not be properly working due to the interdependence of body system. The F.A.Q. puts it all on the table so we have a more complete and thorough understanding of your “ecosystem." The ecosystem concept is similar to a Swiss watch which has large gears and small gears, fast moving gears and slow moving gears. All of these gears are moving toward the common goal of keeping correct time. If one gear is off the whole system is negatively affected. The F.A.Q. gives us an understanding of each gear and how it is working. The fee for this detailed systems review is $40.00

Click the link below to fill out the F.A.Q. If you are prompted to fill out a practitioner number, use 27996878. Otherwise, just confirm we are the correct office.


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