Cellular Detox

Detoxifying the body is a must these days. We are chronically exposed to many different agents that are found in our environment. The EPA says indoor air quality is worse than the outside. Our industrious society has developed thousands of chemicals. Many have made our lives better. Some have done so at a cost to our health. Each year 1500 new chemicals are manufactured and the Federal Gov't regulates only 5 of these each year. It would not take too long to find poisonous chemicals in an average household. Formaldehyde in the carpet, flame retardent in the mattress, plastics that are contacting your food which upset hormones balance. (Remember BPA in the baby bottles? It was great that they now make them BPA free but they forgot to take out the phalates. In addition, virtually every canned good has BPA lining the cans.) Then there is sodium laurel sulfate in the shampoo and toxins from dishwashing soap combined with the chlorine gas. Throw in make-up and other beauty products and the list starts to really add up...

We must empty the bucket from time-to-time, clean the filter if you will. We need a way to reduce the build-up of these agents because we will never completely avoid the exposure. We don't notice anything is going wrong until the bucket starts to overflow and then we have a health crisis on hand. Emptying the bucket allows you to handle your chemical exposures without that  crisis.

Their are many kinds of cleanses. We use a liver cleanse as well as a cellular cleanse which is the deepest level of cleanse. A cell becomes toxic when the circulation of things in and out of the cell is stopped. The doors are closed and nothing moves in or out of the cell. This results in a loss of energy production in the cell at the mitochondria. Without energy, the cell will die. When enough cells die, parts of the body start to fail. Detoxing at the level of the cell will restore the cell's ability to make energy and function properly.

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Ever wonder why you are unable to lose weight no matter how much you exercise or eat right? It may not be your fault. You are likely toxic.

See the Services section for more on each kind of detox.

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Port Ewen Chiropractor | Port Ewen chiropractic Cellular Detox |  NY |

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